Layered Bispectral Threshold Method (LBTM) 
+ Algorithm 
  - Daytime / Limited Nocturnal 
  - 0.65, and 10.8 Ám channels 
  - Utilizes pre-designated clear-sky visible and infrared thresholds to select 
    pixels as clear or cloudy 
  - Classifies clouds into three height bins: low (0 to 2 km), middle 
    (2 to 6 km), and high (6 km - tropopause) 
  - Retrieves cloud optical properties by comparison with a parameterization of 
    radiative transfer model calculations 
+ Required Inputs 
  - Atmospheric profiles from model runs or in situ measurements 
  - Narrowband to Broadband flux conversion functions 
  - Surface characterization from CERES water percent map 
  - Satellite data (GOES-8, 4-km; GMS-5, 5-km) 
+ Products 
  - Gridded cloud properties (Cf, t, Ze, Zt, Dz, etc)
+ Domains 

                  (Ref: Minnis et al., 1995, NASA RP 1376, pp135-164)

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