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March 20th NOAA-17 Image
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These images from the NOAA-17 satellite taken during the morning of March 20, 2004 show how a contrail outbreak can appear to be regular cloud cover but is, infact, mostly spreading contrails. The image on the left is a standard infrared satellite image, while that on the right uses two infrared wavelengths to reveal contrails. Many of the contrails appear to be from planes either coming from or going to central and southern California, while others are due to planes on sout heast-northwest tracks into Seattle and Portland. The contrails and resulting cirrus clouds travel eastward during the day.

United States Environmental Protection Agency's(EPA) "Aircraft Contrail Factsheet".

For other Aviation Emission related documents at the EPA, visit

Pathfinder Contrail Studies

"Radio Discussion of Contrails & Chemtrails, KUSP, Santa Cruz, CA, 16 March 2006.(QuickTime)"new

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