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Real-Time Retrievals Related References

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Journal or Book Articles

Brioude, J., O. R. Cooper, G. Feingold, M. Trainer, S. R. Freitas, D. Kowal, J. K. Ayers, E. Prins, P. Minnis, S. A. McKeen, G. J. Frost, and E.-Y. Hise, 2009: Effect of biomass burning on marine stratocumulus clouds off the California coast. Submitted to Atmos. Chem. Phys.
Chang, F.-L., P. Minnis, B. Lin, M. Khaiyer, R. Palikonda, and D. Spangenberg, 2009: A modified method for inferring upper cloud top height using the GOES-12 imager 10.7- and 13.3-Ám data. Submitted to J. Geophys. Res.
Xi, B., X. Dong, P. Minnis, and M. M. Khaiyer, 2008: A 10-year climatology of cloud cover and vertical distribution derived from both surface and GOES observations over the DOE ARM SGP site. Submitted to Geophys. Res. Lett.
Xie, Y., P. Yang, G. W. Kattawar, P. Minnis, and Y. Hu, 2008: Effect of inhomogeneity of ice crystals on retrieving ice cloud optical thickness and particle size. Submitted to J. Geophys. Res.
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Conferences and Meetings:

Heck, P., P. Minnis, P. Yang, F.-L. Chang, R. Palikonda, and S. Sun-Mack, 2008: Retrieval of ice cloud properties using variable phase functions. 2008 Intl. Radiation Symp., Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, Aug. 3-8, CD-ROM, 439F.
Heck, P. W., P. Minnis, R. Palikonda, C. R. Yost, F.-L. Chang, and A. K. Heidinger, 2008: Nighttime retrieval of cloud microphysical properties for GOES-R. Proc. AMS 5th GOES Users' Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 23-24, CD-ROM, P1.70.
Minnis, P., 2007: Cloud retrievals from GOES-R. Proc. OSA Hyperspec. Imaging Sounding of Environ. Topical Mtg., Santa Fe, NM, Feb. 11-15, CD-ROM, HWC3m. (Invited)
Minnis, P., L. Nguyen, R. Palikonda, P. W. Heck, D. A. Spangenberg, D. R. Doelling, J. K. Ayers, W. L. Smith, Jr., M. M. Khaiyer, Q. Z. Trepte, L. A. Avey, F.-L. Chang, C. R. Yost, T. L. Chee, and S. Sun-Mack, 2008: Near-real time cloud retrievals from operational and research meteorological satellites. Proc. SPIE Europe Remote Sens. 2008, Cardiff, Wales, IK, 15-18 September, 7107, No. 2, 8 pp.
Minnis, P., L. Nguyen, W. L. Smith, Ayers, J. K., C. R. Yost, M. L. Nordeen, R. Palikonda, D. A. Spangenberg, M. McGill, and A. Heymsfield, 2007: Validation of satellite-derived cloud properties using TC4 data. 2007 AGU Fall Mtg., San Francisco, CA, December 10-14. (powerpoint pdf)
Nguyen, L., P. Minnis, F. Chang, D. Winker, S. Sun-Mack, D. Spangenberg, and R. Austin, 2007: Comparison of cloud properties from CALIPSO-CloudSat and geostationary satellite data. A-Train-Lille 07 - Symposium, Lille France, October 22-25. (poster pdf)
Palikonda, R., P. Minnis, D. A. Spangenberg, M. M. Khaiyer, M. L. Nordeen, J. K. Ayers, L. Nguyen, Y. Yi, P. K. Chan, Q. Z. Trepte, F.-L. Chang, and W. L. Smith, Jr., 2006: NASA-Langley web-based operationl real-time cloud retrieval products from geostationary satellites. Proc. SPIE Asia-Pac. 5th Intl. Symp., Conf. Rem. Sens. Atmos. & Clouds, 6804, CD-ROM, 6408-72, 9 pp.
Smith, W., Minnis, P., L. Nguyen, D. Spangenberg, R. Austin, and G. Mace, 2007: Preliminary comparison of CloudSat liquid water path to passive satellite estimates. A-Train-Lille 07 - Symposium, Lille France, October 22-25. (poster pdf)
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